Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 84 Is it a Find or is it Rubbish? (see previous post)

Is it a Find or is it Rubbish? (read all about it here)

Well I found these in a basket under the spare bed. Treasures made by my sons in their early years of kindergarten & school. I actually have quite a few of these from over the years. Some of them I thought might make good garden ornaments. Anyway so back to this little pile tucked away for safe keeping.... I am probably a not a very sentimental mum so I have decided that these will have to go to the rubbish pile. Knowing that I have already kept quite a few that each son has made over the years I think tough decisions have to be made and out they go! Imagine if you kept everything your children made, drew, wrote, painted etc over the years you would have to build a special room to house them all.

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