Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 76 Noisy morning

When we first bought our block of land over 7 years ago, the adjoining block was a huge 1 3/4 acre block with one house on it. A few years ago it was sold to a developer who wanted to subdivide it into a total of 4 blocks including the one with the existing house. Myself and a couple of neighbours protested the application and we went to VCAT and won! The plans were eventually resubmitted by him for 3 blocks including the existing one which we did not fight. In our case even if he had subdivided with the minimum of 2 large blocks we would still end up with the bush next to us cleared and a house being built there so we did not bother. The blocks have since been sold and we have met our neighbours closest to us but they are yet to start building. The other block that is further away has also sold and they have started some excavation work. This morning the hammer drill on the excavator was going for some time and was very noisy. There is a large rock vein that runs down the hill and I think they may have discovered it!

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