Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day 67 "Deseo"

This is a picture that I bought along with a couple of others from a market in Barcelona, Spain in 1982. It is one of my favorite treasures that I brought back with me from my travels over a 14 month period to Europe and the US, and Spain was one of my favorite countries that I visited.
It is titled "Deseo" which in English mean desire. A few years later I would meet and marry the man that I 'deseado' who just happened to be from Spain!
I sometimes wonder if this picture was telling me something? Or maybe not...


  1. It's telling you to dye your hair red.

  2. Been there done that - well not Red but auburn does that count!

  3. That is sooo romantic - and mediterranean men give you beautiful children - have you noticed? Not that other people's children aren't beautiful too!

  4. Yes I've noticed - I am very biased but I think my 2 boys are beautiful in person and spirit!