Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 79 Getting ready for the school holidays

Today at work I browsed the shelves to choose a few books to read over the holidays. I like to read some of the books that the boys might like so I can recommend something when they ask. I have just finished reading Paper towns by John Green, who is the author I went to listen to at the State Library a few weeks back and would highly recommend it. I have another book A novel about my wife, that I have had sitting by my bed for some time and not been able to get into, so I am hoping the holidays will give me time to finish it. The other books in my photo are a couple of young adult fiction from work that I wanted to read. The house of power is book 1 of a new fantasy trilogy Atherton (always popular), the other Fearless is a sequel to a futuristic action book that I am looking forward to.

Last but not least, is a new book by Marshall Browne one of my favorite authors. He has written a wonderful historical thriller set in Melbourne during the Marvelous Melbourne era. The novels are quite rich in historial detail of Melbourne and its geography. If you would like to read about the authors ideas and reasearch for the book take a read here which is the transcript of a talk he gave discussing his trilogy. I could also highly recommend his Italian detective series Inspector Anders. His latest books have been historical thrillers set in Germany during WW2, which introduced the German bank auditor Franz Schmidt. The first book is The Eye of the abyss and the book I have bought to read in the holidays is the sequel to that The iron heart.
So I am looking forward to that..

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