Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 99 Ikea meatballs

The story behind this picture...
At work one of our almost daily discussions is "what are you cooking for dinner tonight?" I very rarely cook anything ready made except the occasional curry paste, I pretty much like to cook everything from scratch as does my work colleague who I have this discussion with. So one day a few months ago I asked the question and the reply was something along the line of .. "well you are going to laugh at this but we are having Ikea meatballs" .. and yes we then both had a good laugh as it seemed rather weird to hear her say this. But she went on to explain she buys the frozen meatballs and the packet gravy from Ikea (because they are delicious) and they are like her cheats dinner. So I of course knowing her as I do I thought they must be OK so next time I went to Ikea I bought the gravy only (still had to make my own meatballs just could not bring myself to buy the frozen ones) and made them and we all loved them. Then after I ran out of packets of gravy I thought Ikea is not around the corner for me I think I will just make the gravy myself. So after I "googled" Ikea meatball gravy I found a recipe. I made them we loved it and all decided it was so much nicer than the packet gravy. It was delicious and everyone loves them. That's a pic of them above.
So that's great - only thing is - I now do not have a quick and easy cheats dinner that I could use when I did not feel like making everything from scratch ... oh well these are too good for me to do otherwise....

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  1. You are a strange woman, aren't you? Should I buy some from you? How much would you charge?