Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 91 Sounds of popcorn popping....

I think this guy is a yellow tailed black cockatoo. Not a great pic. They visit us alot in quite large flocks as we have alot of pine trees near our house and they love the pine cones. They break them open to get to the seed and when they do it is very loud and sounds just like popcorn popping. I had never heard it before moving here and the first time we heard it we could not work out what it was. Now I know and it always alerts us that there is a flock nearby. This morning there were just 3 of them (and they still made lots of noise) and they were not easy to photograph as in amongst the folliage of the trees. But managed to get this one pic. Not clear but will try again next time as they are beautiful birds.

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