Friday, July 3, 2009

Day 87 More finds

These are some more finds that I came across. These are also childrens books but not reproduction. The animal books belonged to my grandfather when he was a small child, awarded to him at The Nook Sunday School, one in 1903 and the other in 1901. (The Nook is a small town in North West Tasmania). The Kate Greenaway book does not have an inscription so I am not sure who it belonged to but I think my mum told me it was my grandmothers. They are not in very good condition but I love them and cherish them so these are definite Finds...
(sorry the photos ended up cut off when I used the Flickr mosaic tool could have redone it but...if you click on the photo you will get an enlarged version and will show more detail)


  1. These are great, Dawn. I love the beasts cover; pity about the flash. Must be exciting discovering old stuff like this.

  2. Yes,I clicked on the pic so I could see the enlarged version and it is much clearer. This is a great idea Dawn - such precious old books captured this way so we can all appreciate them.