Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 50 New auditorium

Tonight I had to go and drop some costumes at my son's school. I have not driven into the school grounds for some time as there has been a large building project (auditorium) going on right next door to our primary school building. I use to drop and pick the boys up right near here but it has been nothing less than bedlam since as we lost most of our parking, the roads were diverted and crazy parents everywhere trying to pick up their kids so I arranged to collect the boys from the top of the senior school away from the mess. When I went in today it was the first time in quite awhile and it was great to see how far the building has come. It is just being fitted out and the car parks are near completion. It will be great when it is finished. The auditorium will have 500 seats and it will be so nice to have our larger productions and presentation nights there. The auditorium has been built with many environmental benefits with regards to water collection, lighting and heating  which I think will become the norm now when building public/school buildings.


  1. Your sons's school is most fortunate to have such a marvellous facility.All those environmental features are wonderful - maybe there is hope yet for our planet!

  2. Yes Pam it will be great. I tried to find the newsletter that said exactly what the environmental features were but could not but I know there were many which is great