Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day 29 Too early

Yesterday half way to work I realised that it was a student free day at work due to Parent Teacher interviews and that I could have come into work a little bit later today. But since I was already half way there when I remembered there was really no point in going back home. This is the staff car park when I arrived (that's my very lonesome car - there was one other which is not in the photo) normally the car park would be about a third full when I arrive any other morning.


  1. Your school is lucky. Government schools have lost student free days for PT interviews because of pay rise deals. We now have a 15min break at the end of the day and then thrown into 2 hours of interviews - over 2 nights. It was interesting.

  2. It's interesting how it is done differently - my boys go to a private school and they don't have student free days either> Much like you they just run straight after school until 8pm that night.