Monday, August 3, 2009

Day 117 New study bench

One side now almost finished tidy and set up. It is great to have a large area to work on. We will probably change the printer to wireless and put it on the other side which will give us even more room. We just need to hide all our cables and power boards and maybe a shelf and it will be all done! Then to tidy up the other side and re-organise the drawers etc.


  1. You've nearly caught up Dawn -and it was worth the wait - what an interesting collection of pics. Your pantry shot was a great idea, and I loved your beloved pile of books. Following your study renovations has been interesting. What beautiful wood in the desktop.If you're looking for a new (free)home for your old desk, try

  2. Very nice. The tabletop looks lovely and smooth, almost like an artsy surfboard.